Counseling and Life Coaching Topics

Thrive:  A conversation about living a well -lived life in spite of a difficult marriage or relationships.

Stuck: A conversation about suffering, abuse, trauma and recovery in a world filled with pain. In the book Broken Memories, the author sums up in just a few short sentences the story of most trauma victims "But for Emma her life revolved around a nightmare. Like a broken record, she kept replaying that horrible night when time stood still"…If your life or the life of someone you love seems to revolve around a nightmare and like that broken record, you feel stuck in that horrible time in your life when time stood for you this series might be for you. A discussion on best practices and ways to find help for yourself or those you love.

Voice: A series about finding your voice amidst the noise of the maddening crowd…this seminar will be just a little quiet time set aside to talk about you-your story- your unique spiritual gifts and calling and the impact you, finding your voice, can make on the world around you. One author put it best when he said” "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."   

Things I learned in Marriage Counseling: Own your own stuff…and watch where you are driving // Drop the detonator…a man in an orange suit teaches us about relationships // Crazy Stupid Love… a talk about marriage from the weirdest marriage scripture ever //Hope dangles on a string…Marriage at the end of your rope // Healing for broken relationships // Before you get married…some advice for all the single ladies and guys

Baggage: We all have it…we come to our relationships with it … we bring suitcases full of baggage to this marriage and parenting thing…  let's chat about baggage and finding healing in the middle of broken relationships.

Doing Life: This is a life coaching series on creating a life calling map…and learning to be strong at the broken places.

Fighting the February Blues: A series on depression, stress, and anxiety

Superheroes we are NOT: A recovery series for teens, men and women  

The Singing Doctor: About identity and purpose and the song God is singing over your life.

Addicted to Busy and the What not to do list: A conversation for woman about stress, anxiety, depression and the crazy pace of a woman’s life and finding yourself in the midst of it all.  Let's call this a mini-spa for your brain. Terry has an MDIV, an MA in counseling, is a certified Life coach...and a Doctorate in Busyness (bet you didn't know there was one). I mean I am the Queen Bee of Busy and multitasking and my TO DO list would give the Dali Lama a panic attack, but I’m  learning to make What NOT To-Do Lists. And maybe you can too.

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom: A story about Mary and Martha and getting off the treadmill of busy to lead a focused and centered life.

Leaving Baggage: Leaving Control for faith // Letting go of bitterness // Depression… lessons in the dark // Leaving Shame…your secrets make you sick


Bible and Theology Topics

You've Got Mail: A Journey through the book of Ephesians

The Greenhouse…Theology for Normal People:  A six session overview of theology and the Bible for, well, normal people

The Good Sister and the Whirlwind: About prayer and mission, rivers and row boats

Dropping Keys for the Beautiful, Rowdy, Prisoners - a lesson in Colossians

Faith. Flying and AK47s: A story about a regular ordinary mom who tries to keep the laundry from taking over the house and dinner on the table (occasionally) and is scared to death of flying but occasionally hops a plane bound for Ethiopia to visit her daughter and 14 teenage girls who absolutely own her heart. Terry has her Masters in Counseling and MDIV degrees and still has never put those diplomas on her wall because she is too busy trying to keep the laundry from taking over the house and wonders what exactly having letters after your name means and if you can get a Masters Degree in being wrecked for the ordinary and wonders where they hand those diplomas out.

He Makes Beautiful Things: A session about the God Who Changes Everything and re-purposes our lives.

The Circle of Moms:  A little conversation  about living on mission with your kids...

Song for a City: Everything is supposed to be different than what it is here. A story about seeking the welfare of your city and a very big word called Shalom...

Loaves and Fishes in Rwanda…Am I enough?

THREE: Three women…three sessions …three stories…  a well. a rock and a legacy

Dreaming GOD- SIZED dreams…dreaming of donkeys in New Jersey... you just have to ask but we did not bring a donkey on the premises  I promise...